Schedule of Events

12:30am: Mini-Martian Costume and Cosplay Contest

OPEN TO YOUTH Ages 5 – 17

Have fun and dress up as your favorite Alien or Cosplay Character!!
Every contestant has their moment on the runway!
PRIZES: Souvenir Prizes for all participants

Arrive at Center Stage Gazebo by 12:10 pm
Event Start 12:30 pm

Contest participants are invited to take part in the midday ‘Alien Stroll’ down Main Street!!

2:00 pm: Alien & Cosplay Stroll Down Main Street!

This is the special time when we recognize everyone who takes the time to dress up for the event!
The ‘Alien Stroll’ down Main Street is open to everyone of all ages who is dressed-up / made-up as cosplay characters, monsters, ‘inter-galactic-beings’ or aliens!
Feel free to push or pull decorated mini floats on wheels, (wagons or carts) but no vehicles are permitted due to ‘space’ limitations. NO PUN INTENDED 🙂

Wave to the crowd as you pass by. Be your own crazy ‘self’ and have fun! ANOTHER great photo-op !!!

IT’S EASY! Participants line-up at a designated spot for review in front of Hearts & Flowers @ 112 Main Street anytime after 1:00 p.m.

Stroll starts at 1:30 pm promptly, and will be led by Town of Crawford P.D. Stroll concludes at Center-Stage by the Gazebo. Just in time to prepare for the beauty contest!

2:30 pm:‘Best in Galaxy’ Alien Costume & Cosplay Contest

Due to the immense popularity of our ‘Best in Galaxy’ Alien Costume and Cosplay Contest’, it’s back BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!
We encourage everyone AGE 18+ who is made-up and/or dressed-up to join the fun and enjoy YOUR moment on the runway!! Great Photo op!

PLUS!! $500 awarded to 1st Place!!
Souvenir Prizes Awarded for 2nd & 3rd Place

EASY TO REGISTER ONSITE ON FAIR DAY between 10 am & noon. Simply answer a few simple questions on the supplied entry form* about your ‘contestant’. For example; “What is your alien or cosplay name?” “What planet or galaxy do you hail from”….etc.
The pageant host will announce this information as contestants pose and walk the runway!
*Want your entry form in advance? Visit
ENTRY FEE $10.00

ALL participants are invited to take part in the midday ‘Alien Stroll’ down Main Street!!

Various Times: You Bet Your Asteroid Game Show

Hilarious Interactive Game Show hosted throughout the day. Family friendly fun as contestants try to buzz in with answers to wacky questions!
You may be picked to play and win a prize!