During the Fair, look for the large ‘Speaker Tent’ on the front lawn at the Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum. It’s located at 51 MAIN STREET, or as we prefer to say: ‘AREA 51’! The tent will host renowned and local “experiencers” all day long, each of whom will share details of their various encounters in the Pine Bush Area, Hudson Valley and other nearby hots-spots FREE!

Dr. Nathan Rosenblum

TOPIC: UFOs and Spiritual Phenomena in Long Island
Often overlooked in its significance, the UFO and paranormal activity on Long Island is highly significant both to our region and the world. Discover how ancient prophecies, monuments, and modern occurrences intersect here and their great importance.
Dr. Nathan Rosenblum has a Ph.d. in Metaphysical Philosophy, is an ordained interfaithminister, a Ceremonial Magician, and a Theosophist. He lives in Upstate New York where he regularly lectures and teaches courses on a wide variety of esoteric topics.A longtime student of mysticism and the occult, Dr. Rosenblum integrates a wide varietyof spiritual concepts and information into his programs covering cultures and religious movements throughout the world as well as information relating to hidden influences in society. He is also an author of both fiction and non-fiction pieces and a poet. The emphasis of his work is to demonstrate the interconnections between ideas and show how these can form a synthesis, spiritually uniting people.Feel free to contact Dr. Rosenblum if you have any questions or would be interested in him giving a lecture or teaching a class for your group.
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Christopher Di Cesare

TOPIC: C2D1- An Examination of the Extreme Haunting and How the “Ghost Boy” of Geneseo Came To Be
The urban legend of the Ghost Boy of Geneseo explained. Who was he? What is the evidence? What actually happened during the winter of 1985 inside a State University of New York college dormitory?

Christopher Di Cesare is a New York-based author and lecturer whose experiences as a college student back in 1985 have been the focus of several books, films, and radio/television shows including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, the Syfy Network’s “School Spirits” series, and the award-winning independent docu-thriller “Please Talk with Me”.
The C2D1 Haunting ranks among the most documented paranormal events in US history, defined by full-bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, moving objects, physical attacks, photographs and audio tapes. More than one dozen witnesses have professed their experience with this western New York extreme haunting that found a teenaged Di Cesare at its epicenter, and to whom urban legend ascribed the nickname ‘The Ghost Boy of Geneseo’.
Set for publication in early 2019 is his latest book, C2D1 – An Examination of the Extreme Haunting and How the “Ghost Boy of Geneseo” Came to Be.
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William J. Wiand, Ph.D.

United Friends Observer Society Pine Bush NY
Dr. Bill has been an ‘experiencer’ all his life and he lives with the UFO phenomenon every day. He grew up on the banks of the Hudson River in Peekskill and saw strange lights in the sky, on land and in the water. While living in Rockland County he witnessed many more sightings.
When Bill moved to Walker Valley in 1985. He hadn’t heard about the long history of the area – but soon after became painfully aware when the local UFOs (United Friends Observer Society), support group was formed in 1993 by the late Max Lay and her daughter Dawn. Bill joined the group in 1994 and soon became part of the branch off group that supported those who felt they had experienced abductions and/or physical contact with aliens. The support group regularly draws people from the five counties here in NY as well as from neighboring states. Bill’s training and education led him to end up, not only the facilitator of the main group in 2000, but as a counselor & therapist to further assist those looking for assistance. As a gifted intuitive, he is able to provide insight and answers for those who have questions.
The support group is now in its 26th year of helping those with UFO related issues. Bill is often referred to as the ‘resident alien’ with stories sought after by a variety of sources.

Linda Zimmermann

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Debbie Ray & Gayle Beatty

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