Pine Bush UFO FAIR


(Rain Date: Sunday June 2, 2024)

Event Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm  

Main Street Pine Bush, NY

The Town of Crawford is thrilled to present the 13th Annual Pine Bush UFO Fair. Fans know that it’s the ONLY Street Fair Event where YOU can be part of the show. We encourage visitors to attend in costume if they are comfortable doing so, and they sure do!


Come by to watch or join in with the fantastic Cosplay Characters and extra-terrestrials of all shapes and sizes as they take over Main Street in Pine Bush, NY.
Watch out for unidentified other-worldly beings walking about, surprise visitors, pop-up street performances and photo-opportunities at every turn.


The family-friendly event includes game and activity vendors, food and food truck vendors, and of course, UFO novelty vendors.
We’re perhaps best known for our talented and unique artist and eclectic craft vendors.


Visit the Gazebo for free live music and all-day entertainment.

Join in the fun with the interactive and hilarious “Pine Bush Museum’s UFO & Paranormal Game Show!” Test your UFO and Paranormal knowledge to win prizes!


Step into the cosmic spotlight at the most mesmerizing event of the galaxy!

Are you ready to showcase your otherworldly charm and unique extraterrestrial style? Join us and be part of the UFO Fair experience in a dazzling display of intergalactic beauty and creativity.

From shimmering tentacles to iridescent scales or cosplay your favorite sci-fi character! Let your imagination soar as you design the perfect alien ensemble that reflects your inner celestial being. Show off your flair for the cosmic with innovative makeup, breathtaking costumes, and out-of-this-world accessories.

This 2024 Pine Bush UFO Fair has several categories to participate for chances to win.

Dress up your favorite pet or toddler for the Animals and Human Toddlers division at 1:30pm. Mid-Size humans, ages 6-12, will compete at 2:00pm. The final competition calls on all remaining Standard Humans, ages 13 and up to show off their costuming skills at 2:30pm.

Prizes are available for all categories so don’t miss your chance to be a star among the stars! Join us at the Best in Galaxy Alien Beauty Pageant and Costume Contest for an unforgettable day of celestial glamour and interplanetary splendor.

Join us for the Alien Runway Stroll down Main Street at 1:00pm which will lead all the contestants to the Center Stage Gazebo where the competition shall begin!